POSTDATED 01/03/12

Today I started to refine the skull a bit to get a nicer shape. I used a Dremel, and as you can see, I'm pretty excited about using power tools;

I refined the skull shape with a metal grinding accessory to ensure I'd be able to go through the metal supports inside the milliput, if needs be. And needs beed, believe me! OHH YEAHH. Sorry. I'm still kind of excited about power tools.

At this stage the skull had a much nicer shape which, with beads in place for eyes, is starting to be quite expressive already. In fact, you can almost tell what he's thinking in the photo below.

'I pooped in your fridge'

So yeah, I added some upper back teeth;

I also dremelled the dew claws so they're all pointy and ridgy and just generally badass.

Looking pretty wolf-like now, I reckon.

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