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POSTDATED - 03/04/12

Shooting at Caerphilly filled me with mixed emotions. We got some great footage, and even though the weather wasn't as clear as the other days we had filmed this wasn't a complete disaster because it sort of fit the storyline, adding contrast to the dreamlike portions of the story in Puzzlewoods. However, though we paid to be allowed to film at the castle, we had to keep the hall open, and so had to endure clueless tourists taking photographs with the flash on while we were in the middle of a shot and at one point about 50 French kids stormed the place and started messing around with our props so I had to put on my big man voice and shout at them in French. In fairness, they stopped immediately and apologised. But between that and the whole wedding bumping fiasco, wasn't too impressed with being charged £150 for the pleasure of having our filming delayed to another week; not to mention being charged an extra week for our props. They shall be hearing from our legal team (I've asked my daddy to use his actual big man voice with them...).

This is the make-up for Lady A's arms, which was some sort of vine-like growths on her arms with petals growing off them. I'm still undecided as to whether these look cool or just a bit weird. I don't think it's the make-up that needed improving necessarily, I think that anything growing off the skin was bound to look a bit weird. They were only in-shot for a little while anyway, so hopefully they won't detract from the coherence of the storyline.

One last sneaky peek at the live-action footage from our last day of shooting. 

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