It Resumes

POSTDATED - 29/03/12

This was by far my favourite day of filming. It was another perfectly sunny day, shooting began at 2pm, with only a few shots to do during the daylight, and then the big time-lapse shot to do from 9-11pm.
At one point we were filming a shot which rotated around Rosa (who was playing Lady A) so Scott and I had to hide behind some trees to be out of shot. We were lying in a warm, sunny field "working". Brilliance.

Below is a still from the time lapse from around 10pm. It felt very strange and mystical, with St. Lythan's burial chamber being a roughly 6,000 year old neolithic monument, and the full moon being directly above it. Especially since the surrounding area is so far out from Cardiff that it was perfectly dark around us. Made me feel all small and powerful inside at the same time.

Here's a quickly After Effects-ed shot from the day time. I was really pleased with how perfectly the masked off area worked, the milky lighting, the acting. Very pleased indeed.

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