It Continues

POSTDATED - 27/03/12

The second day of shooting began with running a few errands that resulted in being delayed 2 hours. One thing I have learned about film-making is that whenever you have to physically get people and equipment from one place to another, or get people to do just about anything, it will take about four times longer than you expect.

Among the errands was picking up the costumes which my costumes designer had left behind the reception desk for me to pick up. I wasn't completely happy with the results, so it only required 3-4 hours of adjusting them. The blue tights for Cernunnos' goat legs didn't really work at all in the end so we worked around them, which was a shame because with some testing we may have been able to pull off the effect, but oh well.

Here is a selection of photos taken that day;

For some one who's speciality is camerawork, Aaron doesn't seem to have quite mastered the whole 'look at the camera when you're having your photo taken' thing...

The DVD cover, courtesy of Aaron. What a photographic champ.

Fixing up those hooves
The on-set cat, a valuable crew member. Seen here keeping some costumes warm.
Lovely Antonia doing my make-up

Just hanging out in the forest dressed as a Celtic god holding and holding a fog machine while stroking my fake beard. Wassup.

Here's some footage from the second day. The delays from costume adjusting pushed back our shooting schedule, so the strong directional lighting looked great in the silhouette. Here's Ky and me displaying our serious approach to acting.

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