Pretend Skulls and Actual Swords

POSTDATED - 28/02/12

Today I started work on sculpting the wolf skull. To begin with I created a support strut from some KNS and threaded bar, so the top part of the skull would have something to build on top of.

Then I sculpted the front teeth on the bottom jaw, and added a rough base to build the rest of the skull from. I sculpted it up in stages like this because the weight of the soft Milliput meant that if I tried to do too much at once it would sag down by gravity and be the wrong shape by the time it hardened.

I also decided to wait for the bottom jaw's teeth to harden before I sculpted the upper teeth so I could get a perfect fit between the two without them deforming each other while soft.

Also today, I went over the rail tracks to Cardiff Theatrical Services and met Andy John, Head of Props, to see some stage combat swords for use in my film. He kindly offered me a reduced rate with a flexible time schedule, since they were more or less tucked away in a corner of the props department with no intention of being used in the near future anyway...
He also said that if we wanted to paint them up, or file away any of the existing paint, that wouldn't be a problem.

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