Open Art Surgery? Hahaha Lamest Blog Title Yet!

POSTDATED - 19/03/12

So of course, having completed the bulk of the foam sculpting, the first thing I did here was to hack apart my wolf with a knife.

The reason for this impromptu puppet surgery is because of something I overlooked in the mid-section. With foam being glued either side of the armature joint in the middle, despite being as tight as I could get it, the metal couldn't hold in position against that thickness of foam. The other problem was that whenever the joint bent one way, it wouldn't necessarily bend back into the same position when bent the other way, because it was a double balled joint; which meant the length of the spine wasn't staying straight and therefore weakening the joint's hold further.

To remedy these problems I bodged together a brace to hold one half of the socket in place. I would have locked off one of the balls with a brass stopper but I had run out of brass stoppers and no-one else had any brass stoppers. Dum de dum...

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