Claws, Jaws, Paws; Awes...ome.

POSTDATED - 04/04/12

After undercoating the claws in white enamel I cut slits in the toes and inserted the claws, glueing them in place with some super glue. The result was effective, with only a little bit of latex needed to fill up the gaps made by cutting slits for the claws. The only problem I found was the latex wasn't fully dried to the foot plate, so would need a little more time to dry up and then some glue would be needed to ensure the foot plate would attach firmly to the latex.
I then started painting the teeth with a final coat of enamel (lol?), some grey to lift out the whites, and then some muddy brown to add staining to them.
I then got to work on the other feet, sculpting up the latex to match the existing paw
While I was waiting for the latex to dry I decided to test what I was going to do with the fur, because I was planning to add something to is to make it slightly less freely moving, which would reduce boiling. I didn't actually want to eliminate boiling completely, because that would defeat the object of this being a stop-motion project, if I wanted sterile perfection I would be doing CG. I painted on some of the black acrylic/latex mix on to a patch of fur to see what the result would be. I expected it to make the fur look very matted, but whether this effect would be undesirable I wanted to find out. As my wolf puppet is supposed to be a wild animal it would actually add to the effect if he was a bit muddied up.

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