POSTDATED - 05/03/12

Today I got to work on adding details such as the nose and eyelids. First off, I made the nose using some cotton wool, black acrylic paint and latex. The same method used to sculpt the feet. I simply shaped the nose on to the end of the snout and waited for it to dry to see if it would adhere strongly.
Next, I began work on the eyes. My method was to create aluminium wire coated in black latex for the cusp of the eyelid, then cut and glue sheets of thin black latex for the eyelid itself. I began this by dipping the aluminium wire in latex, as well as painting out a thin sheet of latex onto a spare block of flat plaster and waited for those to dry. While I was waiting I drilled small holes in the corners of the eyes to give the latex covered wire something to slot in to, giving the glue a stronger grip.
 Below you can see the finished results, giving me fully articulated eyelids. Personally I think this is a much more elegant way of animating blinks, because it gives you the option to add expression and speed into them, rather than relying on a set number replacement parts.
 Next, I sculpted a tongue using some more cotton wool, latex, and red enamel paint. The paint didn't mix immediately with the latex, which allowed me to get some great detail in to the tongue. There are some spots of red which look like tastebuds, and other areas where there is no pigment at all, which gives the tongue a yellow-ish hue. Kind of disgusting, but it worked great!
 Finally for the day I glued on some more blue foam for the lower jaw, to finish fleshing up the face. I also found that I had some extra latex, so decided to paint this on to the head. The ears would be partly exposed anyway, so they needed painting.

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