2012 = End of Days

POSTDATED - 10/01/12

Pre-production ends; Production begins. That's the theory anyway. At this point my animatic is still unfinished because the nature of live-action filming means that I can't get a definitive composition for most shots because it is determined by locations, which are subject to change due to availability, budget, practicality etc. That said, there is still plenty of tasks that doesn't require an animatic, such as finding a costume designer, sourcing props, actors, puppet building materials etc. - Many of which don't have as much to show for as regular animation tasks, but are still essential to the process and take up the hours. Hopefully my photo-documentation will show the hours I've put in, even if they haven't all been sat at a desk beavering away.

Lots to do...
Here's my armature design;

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