Charmed I'm Sure

POSTDATED - 17/01/12

Today I sent my armature design off to John Wright Modelmaking after a bit of discussion about which joints would work best in which places of the design. I decided to use John Wright just for the wolf's legs, because despite the higher price, the armature will be a lot more durable than a standard kit from Animation Supplies and since most of puppet's movement will come from it's legs, it makes sense to have these being stronger. I decided to use the Animation Supplies' standard armature kit for the main neck/body/tail section of my puppet, however, to cut down costs. The other benefit of using John Wright is that he supplies single ball armature joints and while Animation Supplies has a fixed joint system I have found in the past that the brass stopper is slightly wider than a standard 8mm ball, so slightly reduces the tightness you can achieve normally, making them a little weaker. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

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