Fabric Shopping + Tights

POSTDATED 21/02/12

Today I went fabric shopping with my costume designer, looking for fabrics to make some of the costumes to make. Also, on her recommendation, I bought some blue tights from eBay, for the blue screening process we are planning to use for the goat legs. Here is me modelling them;
For, you know, when I need to rob a corner shop and coordinate my wardrobe.

And here is a blue screen test. It worked with some success. It's still obvious where the legs are, because the lighting is different between the plate and the keyed out image. But I think this has more to do with the changing lighting on a cloudy day, which could be controlled better.

We looked at a range of fabrics for the girl's dress, as well as some synthetic fur for the goat legs - which I also picked out for use on my wolf.

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