Symonds Yat

POSTDATED - 05/02/12

Today we planned to go to Puzzlewood as we expected it to be a great location for filming (they film some of the TV series Merlin there). Unfortunately we found the place closed on account of the snowy weather making the car park 'like an ice rink' so we had to come up with a plan B.
Plan B was to go a little further into the Forest of Dean and visit a place called 'Symonds Yat', which was free to enter, and offered a number of great locations. This being plan B actually gave me some experience of the practicalities of live-action filming that I didn't quite appreciate, being an animator. With external factors like weather being completely out of my control, having extra options for filming locations are invaluable because while we are still hoping to film at Puzzlewood, if this for some reason becomes impossible, by having a second option for locations my film can still be completed.
Below are selection of the Symonds Yat photos, taken by Aaron Child.

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