"This is just, like, the Best Room!"

POSTDATED - 27/01/12

Today my film-making buddies and I set off to Celtic Prop Hire to spend a few hours looking around their warehouse for potential props for the live-action sections of my film. What we found was an absolute treasure-trove of props for almost anything, ranging from hospital IV bags, to terrible sci-fi props to rusty tin cans from probably the 1950s or earlier (that were still full!). Photos below by Scott Quinn.

 Lovely old books. Mmmm decay.
 Ky and Aaron getting all excited about cameras.
 Ready to eat!
 Doing some actual work.
 Candlebras, also actually useful.
 I kinda hope it's not real blood in those.
 We were originally going to hire out the suits of armour we phoned ahead to ask about, but when we arrived, it turned out the suit of armour was more of a statue than a wearable suit, so not hugely useful to us. Still, kinda badass though.
 Zap! Zap! Terrifying...
 Just what is the correct time, exactly, Aaron?
Ky looking wistful at the taxidermy sheep. I'm saying nothing.

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