That Syncing Feeling

POSTDATED – 13/10/11

I’ll admit I’m not the best at selling my work, but as it’s a marking requirement for uni, here comes a whole bunch of post-dated work from October to now. I’ve been keeping the work documented well enough, just not collating the documentation as I’ve been going because, honestly, I find it a bit of a ball ache, I fucking hate computers. But it’s got to be done, so here it comes, and on my birthday no less.

To begin with here is my plasticine lip sync project from October that I should have posted with the mime project but somehow never got round to doing. The lip sync I found a little trickier than the mime, partly because Plasticine tends to melt under the lights making the colours smear into each other. So while I think I had relative success in-betweening the mouth shapes by squashing and stretching the removable mouth pieces, by the end of the shot they tended to have lost their recognisable shapes and ended up the same. That said, it was good to have more plasticity in the animation than you would normally get with rigid mouth shapes made from, say, the Magic Sculpt I used for my lip sync project last year – giving it more of a ‘cartoony’ look, as opposed to a hard, dark look.

As featured on Mr. Rapey's disembodied face, here.

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