After Easter Beastie Crafting

POSTDATED 11/04/12

After a swift Easter break, while uni was closed, I came back to do the finishing details before moving on to the next stage which was adding the fur. Firstly, I took out the eyeballs because I noticed you should see a little bit of the insides of his eyes, and that was still the Milliput colour, and painted them pink.
Using the same method as for the eyelids, I spread out a sheet of latex this time coloured with some red enamel, so that I could create a flap that would be glued into the back of the mouth, so that the armature wouldn't be seen.
Next, I painted up the claws similarly to the teeth to give them some more texture.

Then I painted in gums using some red enamel, and once that was dry added some latex mixed with more red enamel to give the gums some depth as the latex would be semi-translucent.
 Finally, I painted up the rest of the face with some more black enamel paint, so that should there be any gaps in the fur or where the mouth opens, no blue foam should be visible.

 N'aww, isn't he terrifying.

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