The End Is In Sight!


Today was probably the best day of animation yet. Managed to finish 3 shots, totalling 14 seconds of animation, and now I only have 5 seconds of animation to go! I might actually finish my film on time...

So the first shot I did was the slow-mo time lapse animation, which provided a challenged because I had to do a nice smooth walk cycle about 12x slower than I'm used to. It actually taught me a lot about why certain things move when they do in the walk cycle, opposing motion and all that.

Also, because of the speed of the movement I found it useful to use Stop Motion Pro's drawing functions so I could mark out how fast the puppet should move.

Below is the setup for the shot that ends my film and it turned out to be the most complicated lighting setup I've ever done, and somehow I managed to set it up extra quick and finish off the 4 seconds of animation before uni closed. Maybe I've gained enough xp to be a Level 2 Lighting Person? Awesome.

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