Success! No Wait... Failure.

POSTDATED - 15/04/12

Unfortunately, this method also turned out to be utter horse crackers.
 And swiftly ended in failure.

At this point I was quite worried that I wouldn't be able to finish my puppet at all. The methods I was trying were probably all fairly achievable in theory, but not being seams..ter? seamsmaster? seamsman? I don't even know what to call it, never mind do it. So yes, I was pulling my hair out (oh, the irony) trying to work out what to do. I even ventured out and asked around some tailors to get a price on how much it would be for someone to take care of it for me I was that desperate to stop wasting time as my animating days were slowly dwindling. As it turned out I could find no-one who could do it in less than a week, so I had only one option. Be a man. Conquer that furry beast. I had to do unspeakable things. Awful things. Ahead of me lay two days of pain, frustration; physical, mental, spiritual... spheroidal terrors (I may have curled up into a ball and wept at least on one occasion). But I persevered.

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