Shazam! That's one fuzzy mother!

POSTDATED - 19/04/12

Look at his tufty little face!

After I glued on the fur I began trimming some of it back. One thing I did with the facial fur that I wish I had done with the rest of the fur was to thickly paint on latex mixed with black acrylic on the underside of the fur, then flipped it over and massaged the latex through so that it started to seep into the lowest layers of fur. This made stitching together the seams a bit more difficult as the latex added resistance to my needle, but firstly it meant that the glue stuck better because the surface wasn't so absorbent and secondly, it meant that when I trimmed the fur very short, the weave of the fabric wasn't visible. 
At this stage I also gave my wolf a bit of a nose job, because he was feeling self-conscious and he was hardly going to hunt souls in the underworld if he didn't have the body confidence. Also, the depth of the fabric had may have buried his original nose and made it look too small. I added more latex, black acrylic and cotton wool to snout him up to the max.

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