WOOO! (that's a wolf sound, also me going woo. it's like a pun, only... now i've explained it so... errm... hi?)

POSTDATED - 22/04/12

Today I finally finished my puppet. Hooray! Only 3 weeks and two days behind schedule! I know, I know, I'm an efficient film-making beast. And definitely good at planning how long it actually takes to do things!

Anyway, The final steps of puppet making were to glue fur to the ears, which I afterwards trimmed close to match the rest of the face, so that my wolf wouldn't look too much like a goofy koala.
 And finally I lightly painted on some latex mixed with black acrylic all over the body, and heavily on the feet so as to mask the bald patches I had created by cutting the fur close to the weave. I think this also gave the effect that the wolf has muddy feet, so didn't look too bad either.

With a time to spare I began preparing my setup for animation. Firstly, I had the massively enjoyable task of poking out every single hole in the perforated steel animation bench because half of it was still gunked up with fibreglass, plasticine and glue from old projects.
Pictured; Megafun

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