Taxidermy Is Creepy

POSTDATED - 14/04/12

A new day and a new method. Thinking somewhat laterally I decided to try a more logical approach. I had a look through the UK Taxidermists' Guild website and decided that maybe a good way to add fur to a wolf would be to first make a wolf pelt, since this is the rough shape that would cover a wolf anyway.
I found a few spread out wolf pelts and took my pattern design from there.

What I found was the basic pattern worked quite well, the only problem was that there was never quite enough material to wrap all around the limbs and bottom of the torso because of the gaps that had to be opened up to fit onto the foam.

Again, my methods were failing me, but luckily I had an idea after university had closed and I was lying awake tossing and turning because I just care that much (I'm actually serious, it's kinda lame...).

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