It Lives!

POSTDATED - 27/04/12

Today I animated my first shot, which also happened to be the first shot the wolf appears in my film. I do prefer making my animation that way, working chronologically through the film, because it feels like you're living the story as you're making it. Bit pretentious I guess...

Anyway, here's the green screen footage. I won't be including any more footage on my blog because I don't want to give the game away just yet. 

After several tests and false starts I finally managed to get some fairly smooth animation out of this shot. With it being my first bit of hands on animation since way back last year I'm not completely ashamed of the results. I was still getting to grips with the chroma key function in Stop Motion Pro, so there may have been some issues with the foot not being in the exactly right place to match up with the physical interaction on the original footage, but after a quick test comp it didn't seem like too much of a problem.

Also, note the use of a pin to open up the mouth wide enough in the middle of the shot. I did this because, as I have already mentioned, when I glued on the fur it added unforeseen resistance to the mouth hinge and so the puppet's mouth couldn't open fully. I didn't let this hinder my animation though, and wedging it open with a pin worked fine. Since it's only a few frames I'll easily remove these in Photoshop so they interfere with the green screening process.

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