Oh, This'll Be Fur-ly Easy

POSTDATED - 12/03/12

While it looks like I'm pranking up my puppet good with the ol' cling film 'n' tape, I'm actually entering into the final stages of puppet making. And as it turns out, my puppet is more likely pranking me, because while I thought adding the fur would be relatively straightforward. Turns out, it was not. Thus began five days of near constant swearing.

I tried many methods to create a template to make the fur fit the contours of the wolf's body, the first of which was to cover the body in cling film, then masking tape, then cut the tape off the body and flatten it out with a series of strategic 'dart cuts' - leaving me with a pattern for the fur. Or, at least, that was the theory.

The process of adding cling film and masking tape on it's own actually took far longer than I expected. Partly because the strips of tape needed to be cut and trimmed so there would be no wrinkles or folds in the pattern; partly because I somehow owned the only roll of masking tape that refused to stick to itself for longer than half an hour, which meant I had to keep smoothing it over so that the trimmed strips of tape remained in their correct position.

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